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    Does this sound like a familiar line with SEO agencies you’ve talked to in the past? “Give us a couple thousand bucks for 6 months and after that you might start seeing results“. At Rave Digital Marketing we think this sounds as ridiculous as you do. Our SEO strategies put you first and get results straight out the gate. That means that you only pay when leads are coming through the door.

    For some reason ‘techy’ people might have all the skills on the computer, but when it comes to implementing business models that work in the real world, they fall short. Our experience in customer facing business roles means we know what a business wants and needs to grow. We also need know that when it comes to lead generation work; if you’re not making money, we’re not making money, so we always set realistic goals, keep you informed about the processes we are implementing and get you high quality leads, to make our clients stay around for years not months.